Institute of Small and Medium Enterprise

"ISME builds an entrepreneur' business by building team members' competencies so that an entrepreneur's team can build an entrepreneur's business. Together ISME helps effective leaders turn their vision into reality with the full effort of team members to improve society"

Dr. Mohd Ikhwan Bin Aziz
Institute of Small and Medium Enterprise
Universiti Malaysia Kelantan


About ISME

Institute for a Small & Medium Enterprises (ISME) is set up as a center of excellence which focus on business incubators, market intelligence for SMEs, research and development and commercialization, post-graduate programs and lifelong learning programs.


Become the center of knowledge-based entrepreneurial excellence by producing highly skilled, knowledgeable and noble entrepreneurs to face the dynamic environment in order to help create entrepreneurial culture in all sectors of employment besides supporting the nation's policy to develop human capital.


Bringing and developing world-class entrepreneurs through the cultivation of noble attitudes that are capable of mastering technical and technical fields through entrepreneurship training programs, becoming entrepreneurship reference centers, research and development, providing counseling and consulting services and establishing a smart partnership network for childbirth entrepreneurs who are competitive, sustainable and able to contribute to religion, race and nation.

5 Strategic Thrust of ISME

Build and enhanced entrepreneurial networks and smartpartnership

Development & Research (R & D) in the SME industry smart partnership

Incubator Centre

Encourage Life Long Learning

Produce and Train Entrepreneur