Global Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation Centre

GERIC is a Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation in UMK. In addition to the Global Entrepreneurship Research, the Centre is involved in human capital development through a joint PhDs or split-site PhDs and post doctoral research; entrepreneurship consultancy and training; support to social innovation and entrepreneurship projects as well as educational outreach activities. It also includes organization of public conferences and research publications. The Centre also acts as a think tank on crucial economic and entrepreneurship issues GERIC brings together world-leading researchers to work in multidisciplinary teams on real-world issues. It represents scientists, social scientists and entrepreneur coaches whose work is underpinned by scientific rigor, technological expertise, industry connections and community engagement. Driven by a shared vision: Great research for entrepreneurship endeavor.

Prof. Madya Dr. Dzulkifli Bin Mukhtar
Global Entrepreneurship Research and
Innovation Centre
Universiti Malaysia Kelantan


Researchers at the centre are either research focused or do both research and teaching. Ranging from a broad disciplinary background, not limited to just one field of study.
Socialpreneur (Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation)
Creativepreneur (Heritage And Culture)
Wealth Management (Financial Entrepreneurship)
Technopreneur (Technology/scientific Entrepreneurship
E-commerce (Media Literacy And Online Business)
Islampreneur (Islamic Entrepreneurship)
As an entrepreneurship COE, GERIC brings creativity and innovation into the core of its research activity through engagement and partnership with community, businesses, public sector and international counterparts. It plays a distinctive role in the development, application and exchange of knowledge globally, regionally and locally.